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Green Solar energy, consultancy, planing, engineering, implementation, operating in areas of operation&maintenance, produces turnkey solutions. The services it offers to investors as well as ongoing investments in the sector and has a leading role to trusted. Recently, Schneider Electric solar system solutions on a cooperation agreement with Turkey that we have done, our work has provided the opportunity to continue with strong and reliable partners.


Solar energy from renewable energy sources by using scientific methods which enables it to be used in the most efficient way of leading the service that gives satisfaction to its customers and protects the ecosystem we are developing innovative solutions...


By demonstrating our capabilities in this context, the Project Professional the progress of the process, in addition to the financial resources and transparent with our investors as we provide execution of the relations between healthy


The system will be built when the panel temperature rises above the operating temperature of the land and the values for every + 10 degrees and by 5% in energy while the energy production result in losses from the transfer lines at 1000 m % 2 is the energy loss outcall.


Responsibility for the management and organization of our projects has been planned by staff seconded by the central headquarters and operational processes, are carried out by the regional teams.


Our top responsibility in the design and implementation of the engineering approach with the right project and right are moving. A well planned project to ensure both the most appropriate to use time properly we recognize the importance of the economic conditions.


To be installed in a system to produce electricity from solar energy, battery pack, Battery Charge Controller, inverter and auxiliary electronic circuits can be found. Of course, these components may vary according to the application. And according to the amount of energy the solar panel is determined by the number desired.


On the front are the way of the solar power plant operation and maintenance services is critical for life to continue. Our professional management and maintenance responsibility for the infrastructure and remote monitoring unit for 24 hours with Custom Printed us our plants keeps them under control.


Solar energy from renewable energy sources by using scientific methods which enables it to be used in the most efficient way of leading the service that gives satisfaction to its customers and we are developing innovative solutions that protect the ecosystem.

Scientific, engineering calculations, and producing innovative solutions that are acceptable by current clients to alternative sources of energy production from renewable energy sources about solar power with high quality, safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions a reputable company that takes its mission to be committed to their employees in order to reduce global warming and protect the environment with the awareness raising and community awareness on this issue is working.

  • C.Bingül GES 1000kWe – 1125 kWp
  • Bingül-1 GES 950kWe – 1058 kWp
  • DNR GES 3900kWe – 4341 kWp
  • Konkur Tarım, Tarımsal Sulama 100kWe – 130 kWp


Solar floating plants, I think many people have heard of them. In our country, too, are related to the construction of floating solar power plant. However, China is still a project that is big and beautiful. The world's largest floating solar power plant in the city of China's Hainan was founded.


Energy production in the coming years the most important achievements in this area, which is one of the methods step by step with their projects and are moving towards becoming one of the most important companies in our country.